Wednesday, May 26, 2010


THE PETS ARE FINALLY OUT! SO ITS TIME TO PARTY WITH YOUR NEW AND IMPROVED PETS! CHECK OUT THERE STATS IF THEY ARE AN ADULT OR ABOVE MIX THEM AROUND IF TEEN OR ABOVE GO RACE IN SOME DERBIES. OR JUST REGULARLY PLAY SOME MINI-GAMES. For some of you who did not go into test realm you can buy packs of food in the crown shop or in the food shot or make them. You feed it to your pet after they play in a mini-game. So see ya I have to go play some more.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Celestia Pic Updated

Hey guys,
Sorry I have not posted in a while I have been busy. But know to the real business the Celestia sneak peek has been updated again! It know showed what I thought was a crab warrior and it was... A CRAB WARRIOR yay! I WIN UH HUH! Well here the pic is.
More post coming up today so keep looking back!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Celestia Sneek Peek Updated!

The sneak peek has been updated! A new character has been revealed! I am not sure who he could be maybe a shop keeper or a main person on a street who knows there is tons of possibilities. But what caught my eye mostly is something I barely noticed before in the front it looks like a small little gobbler pet! There will be more updates till Celestia is out and the whole picture is revealed until keep looking back there is loads more in store!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Great Gobbler Giveaway

"Who can resist these adorable Gobbler pets"

Through the new process of hatching previewed in the test realm we have found ourselves with a little more of these cute little gobblers than intended.

To make sure that these precious gobbler pets get a nice home where they will be loved an appreciated we have given 5 of these buggers to each of our 10 top fansites. It is their responsibility to get these gobblers good homes so check out each website to get a chance at one of these. Each of these websites will have their own method for giving out these pets such as raffles and relevant comments. Remember to leave a means of communication on the website whether it is a Wizard101 Central account name or a email.

These websites are...

Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards

The Friendly Necromancer

Ravenwood Radio

Homework in a Graveyard

Dairy of a Wizard


Wizard101 Fan Wiki


West Karana

A Mythspent Youth

Wizard101 Central

Wizard101 WarCry

Some of these contests might be over so you can't enter them so check first. Wolf

P.S. You might be wondering why I have a picture with Valerian's School for Wayward Wizards on it well it is because I could not find this pic with out a logo so I said I might as well be sporting my favorite blogs logo check the blog out its awesome.

Test Realm Good or Bad?

Well after over a 2 HOUR wait I finally got to do stuff in the test realm. The wait was so long and annoying all I could do when I got in the game is run around the Basilica and that is no fun trust me I did it for a HOUR! Then I finally was able to get to my house but not use the the spiral gate so I ran around there for fifteen minutes and back to the Basilica. Did I mention the load to get into the game took like somewhere between 45min to an hour! Well finally when we got to the commons and talked to Merle Ambrose we then went to the entrance to of the Pet Pavilion where we had to keep waiting because the loading. But guess what the loading kept going up and down for the same thing so we had to wait like another half hour! Things then started to get a little better and I must admit it was not a total waste. We met Valerian Nightbringer my inspiration to make this blog! We did not have time to do the Pavilion that night though but we got did in the morning with very little wait I would say fifteen to thirty minutes. From there on everything was great except for few little thing later on. All the games were great and we could not stop doing them we bought tons of food and a bunch of other stuff like the new black wing mount Swiftshadow Wings and the Celestian Trident, 110 ice damage! My firezilla pet rocks he has two special abilities in the derbies the power to slow first place and the power to teleport to the player in front of you which is good if you are in second place. Firezilla came with its will and intelligence almost to max and its power more than halfway up, but what was disappointing was that its strenth and speed had barely begun like five each! The good part was that firezilla was an adult though so I could mix it with other pets. But that turned out to be a disappointment too, because I mixed it with a friends stormzilla but I got an egg for storm school only! So I suggest to mix pets of no school or your guys schools. But here is one of the worst parts the test realm brings your guys down 2 LEVELS and I just made a storm guy that I could have given my probably stormzilla pet to but he wasn't created because I created him just when I turned to a grandmaster and I was turned to level 48. They didn't even let me have fire dragon at level 48 so I will have to do the quest over in the test realm. That is all for now on the new advancements on the test realms.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Welcome to the Pet Pavilion!

The new advanced pets have just came out in the test realm! These pets can be hatched at the hatchery. The pets that are hatched will not have a totally new appearance and will look like existing creature in the game but different from its parents. For example I have heard of someone that mixed a wraith and an orthrus and got a pet that looked like a hydra. You pay for your hatched pets with gold I have heard of some people doing that but I have never heard of someone use crowns. I have not got a chance to go on it yet but I have heard from MANY sources. To start your journey of this new pet expansion first go to Headmaster Ambrose and only if you are a level 7 you will be able to get into the Pet Pavilion. Milo Barker is head of the Pet Pavilion and you can visit him to fill up your pets mana to play mini-games (they cost some of your pets mana). When the Pet Pavilion to race in derbies they must be in the teen levels to do this. First and second place winners will earn arena tickets for participating. In the Pavilion there is also a new guy where tickets in for pets like Dueling Diego except only for pets nothing else named Sir Nigel Higgenbottom. Also the in the Pet Pavilion are the pet mini-games to train your pets and get experience mini-games. I found this pic of a dancing sheep below meaning that this is a new mini-game too. The Hatchery is located in the middle of the Pavilion. Also Two shops are in the Pet Pavilion one for snacks (that will be another post) owned by the the West Ende Girls and one a just a regular pet store owned by the Pet Shoppe Boys. Well that is all for now more post coming up soon.

Funky dance this sheep's got right. Sheep pets are currently only available to KI workers.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Celestia Sneek Peek!

I have been looking on the web for more interesting stuff about Celestia or the pets and I found this picture. Even though not all the characters of this Celestia pic are not shown it is still an interesting picture. For example it shows a captain crab or what looks like one. I think that this he is the main talking guy in the place such as Headmaster Ambrose or Cyrus Drake in Dragonspyre, or at least someone important person. If you look at other blackened characters
some look like warriors. The one in the front on the right looks like a crab warrior, but the one on the left in the back kinda looks like a shark warriors because of the shape of its head. These warriors would make sense there because if you look in the back of this picture you can see military buildings meaning this is a military base probably. What also makes this look like a military base is that there is a submarine which is a good point that with the buildings that this is a base for soldiers of Celestia. I think you might be able to board submarines to go from place to place or they could be dungeons, but that is just what I think. Also the military buildings could be shops or dungeons and that picture could be of the main place and like the Commons or the Basilica. See you next time!